What LUMINE JAKARTA offers is the “Tokyo Mood”. LUMINE, in its own unique way, will provide the residents of Jakarta with something that has never existed there before: an opportunity to experience through fashion and culture the feeling of “Tokyo” that we Tokyoites feel – the “real Tokyo” and the “Tokyo of now”, one that is urban yet easygoing, that exists amid a perfect harmony of modernity, nature, and humanity.

Our main target market is independent women who are curious, globally minded, trend-sensitive, and in search of new sensibilities. Our concept stores will be centered on the creative and diverse styles found in Japanese women’s fashion, and will present the “Tokyo Mood” from a perspective that only LUMINE can provide. LUMINE will serve as a new place for the curious people of Jakarta to experience a new type of culture like they have never seen before and foster more advanced ways of communication.