Information on tax-free shopping

Tax-free shopping is available for foreign visitors to Japan.
Consumption tax on all tax-free purchases will be refunded.
Thoroughly enjoy tax-free shopping in Japan by making note of the following key points before you shop.

There are 2 types of tax-free shops. Check which type a shop is when shopping.
1. Purchases from participating shops can be totaled at the following stores that have a Tax-free Counter.
*A tax exemption fee of 1.55% of the price of tax-exempt merchandise(rounded down to the nearest ¥1)will be charged.Thank you for your understanding.
2. The tax exemption service is handled at each shop.
(Some shops do not offer tax-free shopping.)

Customers who can shop tax-free

  • The individual who purchased goods at a tax-free shop
  • Spending must meet the minimum tax-free applicable amount
  • Those whose stay in Japan has not exceeded six months
    *This includes Japanese nationals
    living overseas.
  • Must possess their personal passport

*For details, please refer to the Japan Tourism Agency website.

Applicable goods and purchase amounts

Minimum total: 5,000 yen or more (before tax)

General goods
General goods

Products which are worn on the body such as clothing, shoes, sandals, bags, accessories, hats, and scarves


Medicine, food, drinks, cosmetics, etc.

General goods + Consumables
General goods + Consumables

Receipts can be added to receive tax exemption

Shops whose tax-free purchases are handled at a Tax-free Counter
(purchases at shops in the store can be totaled)

Japan. Tax-free Counter TAX REFUND

Currently, there is a Tax-free Counter offering consolidated tax-free purchase processing in the following stores.

*1.55% handling fee will be charged.
*In some cases, tax-free processing is carried out at each shop. Some shops do not offer tax-free shopping.

Key points to note when using the Tax-free Counter.

Before you come to the Tax-free Counter, please read the following points.
If the following four requirements are not all met, tax-free purchasing is not available.

  1. The individual who purchased the goods on the day of purchase must apply in person
  2. Only applies to goods purchased
    on the day
  3. The name on all documents
    must be your own
  4. All purchases
  • * Cannot be claimed on behalf of someone else.
  • * Tax-free procedures cannot be performed on a later date.
  • * Goods purchased on different dates cannot be combined with today’s purchase for tax exemption purposes.
  • * Check with information guides, etc. at each store regarding the operating hours.
  • * Procedures may take some time. Please allow plenty of time.
  • * For any inquiries related to tax exemption, please visit the Tax-free Counter.

Shops whose tax-free purchases are handled at a each shop
(shops not offering purchase consolidation at a Tax-free Counter)

Japan Tax-free Shop

Tax-free processing is carried out at each shop. Purchases cannot be totaled with purchases from other shops.